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How to use verizon wireless gift card

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Gift cards can be used to pay a Verizon Wireless or Fios bill by visiting or using the My Verizon app (wireless bills only) or My Fios app. Do not 

How do I claim my Verizon $200 gift card?

Sign in to your My Verizon account and to to the Home Offers page. Find and select the Verizon Gift Card tile in the Ready to Redeem section of the Home Offers page.

How do I activate my Verizon gift card?

How To Apply a Verizon Gift Card to an Account
  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to Payment Options—you'll find the latest amount due.
  3. Enter the amount you want to pay (Verizon allows partial payments)
  4. Click on Add/Edit Payment Method.
  5. Select Gift Card.
  6. Add your card credentials.

How do I find my Verizon gift card number and PIN?

on back of card purchased -- scratch off the code (silver wax) and reveal pin.

How do I redeem an Egift card?

Now you're ready to redeem gift cards in-store. And online anytime your customer wants to use one for more information go to

How do I activate my gift card recipient?

If a card needs to be activated, the ID number and activation code will be on the card, as well as a website and toll-free phone number via which you can activate the card. Gift cards that need activation may also require you to use a PIN.

How can I pay a bill with a gift card?

Can you pay bills with a gift card? If there is enough money loaded on it, you may use a gift card to pay some types of bills, but not credit cards. This is because a generic or prepaid gift card can work like a debit card. The merchant determines the payment methods it will accept.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a gift card on an online website?

You can use your card for online purchases by entering the card number, expiry date and the 3 digit code (CVV) found on the back of the card. Occasionally websites will ask for the name on the card, in these instances simply insert “Gift Card” in the field provided.

How do I use Verizon gift card to pay my bill?

To add the Verizon Gift Card as a payment option:
  1. Sign in to your My Verizon home account or the My Fios app.
  2. On the home page, scroll to the billing tile.
  3. Click Make Additional Payment.
  4. Choose Add a new payment option.
  5. Follow the prompts to add your Gift Card information and card PIN and then make the bill payment.


How do I use my Verizon gift card?
Can be used to buy merchandise & services at stores/kiosks operated by Verizon or at Gift cards cannot be used at Verizon Authorized Retailer locations. Gift cards can be used to pay a Verizon Wireless or Fios bill by visiting or using the My Verizon app (wireless bills only) or My Fios app.
How do I redeem Verizon dollars?
From the Verizon Dollar redemption page: Go to the Save on your next wireless bill tile and select Go to bill payment. Scroll down to your Verizon Dollar balance and select Apply to bill.

How to use verizon wireless gift card

Does Verizon accept prepaid cards? Manage Visa Gift Card promotion The prepaid card can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted--including to pay your Verizon bill--and the money on the card does not expire.
How do I pay with a Visa gift card? Using your Visa Gift card in stores and online In a store, you'll just slide or insert your Visa card to pay. For an online checkout, you'll enter your Visa gift card's 16-digit number, expiration date and CVV in the appropriate form field.
  • How to add gift card on my verizon account
    • Jul 18, 2018 — You scroll down to gift card and enter the number from the card. if you need to you can pay your invoice at a Verizon Corporate store location 
  • Why is my gift card not working online?
    • Your card is expired. You have insufficient funds on your card to support your purchase. (may be due to a pre-authorization charge) The merchant does not accept prepaid cards.